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YA Lit Fanfiction
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YA Lit Fanfiction - Fanfics For Any and All YA Books

ya lit fics { }YA Lit Fics is the very first LiveJournal community open to fanfics for any and all YA books. Whether paranormal romance or chicklit contemporary, urban fantasy or cautionary tale, we welcome your book-based fanfic in this community!


The Rules;

- First and foremost, this is all in fun. All the stories on this site are fan fiction and none of the authors intend to profit off their stories or claim the base content as their own. All people, places, and things specifically mentioned in official literature are property of their authors and publishers.

Stories that are intended only for mature audiences are allowed at yalitfics. yalitfics does not necessarily like the content of all stories or support any of the content in them. Story content is decided only by individual fic writers. That said, if you are the legal author of a work that a fic is derived from and have a complaint about a particular story or the content in it (e.g. excessive violence, or sexual content), you must direct your complaint to the author, NOT to yalitfics. The ideas and opinions of the fanfics posted to yalitfics do not necessarily reflect the values of yalitfics.

- This community is PUBLIC. However, if you are posting the content/text of a fanfic to yalitfics (instead of a link to your own journal/FFnet/AO3/etc) please LOCK that post. :)

- When posting fanfiction, please use an lj-cut, even for drabbles. It's all about being considerate, people. No need to hurt the flists of our lovely members. We are not requiring a certain posting format, but we think you all know what the main standards are. If not, feel free to ask us!

- Fake lj-cuts are allowed (and encouraged). If it leads to a locked post, please mention that in your post!


- Bashing of any book, series, author, genre, or ship is forbidden and will not be tolerated. We will go to the extremes (banning & moderated posting) if you can't behave yourselves.

- Don't worry about tagging your entries. We will be taking care of that for now! Until the community gains more members, we want to continue to create tags and have everything organized.

- Please don't promote or advertise any communities without our permission. This is just to keep from flooding the members' flists with promotions. If you'd like to promote your community, just leave a comment here asking to do so. Because our community is still small and growing, we aren't allowing community promotion right now. Although, there are exceptions to every rule and we do offer promotions for a few communities, but this is determined on a case by case basis.

- REGARDING TWILIGHT FANFICTION: yalitfics is open to Twilight fanfiction that is canon or vampire/paranormal AU ONLY. Because yalitfics is a community for YA BOOKS, and not YA MOVIES, eliminating All-Human AU will help retain the purity of Twilight book fanfiction.

- And most importantly, post often (so we can keep this community active) and have fun! ♥

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